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Evergreen Deluxe class

Takes you to new heights of flight enjoyment. 

  • Carefully designed with your comfort in mind. Evergreen Deluxe Class provides equipment and service planned to provide a more carefree trip  for businessmen and frequent travelers.  Thoughtful touches and careful attention to cabin design allow you to travel in luxurious comfort. Now you can enjoy business class service without paying business class price.

  • Evergreen Deluxe Class uses business class seats with extended leg and foot rests, roomy 18.5 inch wide seats, 38 inches pitch between each row, and seat  that recline at a restful 113.7 degrees.

    In addition, the deluxe seating row configuration is 2-4-2 (in new 747-400 equipment, and 2-3-2 in MD-11 equipment) while in conventional economy class is 3-4-3.  During long trips, the expanded 38-inch spacing between rows provides extra stretching room.

  • All new audiovisual equipment. For superior audiovisual enjoyment, seats on Evergreen Deluxe Class are equipped with the latest adjustable viewing personal TV mounted on the seat back with an easy-control unit at the front of the armrest.  You can tune in for daily news reports from CNN and Taiwan Television Enterprise, and choose from six movies channels plus a wide choice of Chinese and Western music channels.

  • Fine cuisine served on elegant china.  You will be served a delectable new range of cuisine enhanced by fine porcelain tableware. Evergreen Deluxe Class passengers may request full in flight service from attendants at anytime.

  • Special passenger privileges. Evergreen Deluxe Class passengers enjoy a wide range of privileges, including exclusive check-in counter, on board confirmation of return flights, deluxe overnight kit, advance seat selection and mileage bonus in the amount of 25% of actual miles flown.
    Seat Comparison

      First Business Deluxe


    Pitch (Inch) 80 48 38


    Recline (degree) 166 136 113.7  

    Note: Pitch is a space between each row.
    The exact number may be different by a different plane.


You can refer to Evergreen Deluxe class airfare from our airfare sheet .
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