Angel Travel Inc.
8249 Aster  Tinley Park  IL 60477  Tel. (708) 532-4500  Fax (708) 532-4040

Please carefully review your reservation before sending payment.

In lieu of my  (credit / debit ) card imprint, I _______________________________________________________________


hereby authorize ANGEL TRAVEL, INC  to charge my  (VI, MC, AX, DS )  # ________  -  ________ - ________ - ________

expiration date ______________ SID code_____________( Note: EVA / KE / CI / SQ / MH  do not accept Discover Card)


in the amount of $_____________________ for payment of  transportation for myself  and /or (make sure to use name in the passport)    

(Note: most debit card has a credit limit per day, please make sure that your bank is aware of the transaction)

1)_______________________________________Passport#_________________Date of Birth____________ Nationality __________

2)_______________________________________Passport#_________________Date of Birth____________ Nationality __________

3)_______________________________________Passport#_________________Date of Birth____________ Nationality __________

4)_______________________________________Passport#_________________Date of Birth____________ Nationality __________

You must have a valid passport, 6months before expiration date,  and the necessary visas to visit certain countries.
Your  passports must be valid  for the entire travel  period and  also for entry to selected countries.)

For travel from _______________________  to _________________________ by _______________________Airlines

Departure date __________________  Return date__________________ Trip locator code___________________

My credit card billing address   _______________________________________         Phone ____________________(Home)

       _______________________________________                      ____________________(Office)


My ticket mailing address       _________________________________________________________________________
   (Please write clearly)                                              
                                                    _____________________________________________  Phone ______________________

Email address______________________________________   Seat Request:  Aisle    Window   (NW/UA/AA,  TG/EVA -premium class)

Tel # at your destination:__________________________   My airline membership number: __________________________ (optional) 

Shipping instructions: 
There is no shipping fee if your tickets are electronic transactions.  Some destinations, or some airlines which we have to issue paper tickets,

we will ship your ticket by Federal Express 2nd day air service, and your credit card will be billed  $16.
FedEx cannot deliver to PO Box address  and  will require signature to release the shipment.

Note: Identification is required (if the credit card holder is not the passenger)  
Please provide a photocopy of Credit card and Passport or Driverís License of the cardholder.

By signing below, I acknowledge charge described hereon. Payment in full to be made when billed or in extended payment in accordance with the
standard policy of the company issuing the credit card. I do understand that there will be penalty applied for change or refund once ticket issued.


___________________________________________(Signature) _________________________(Date)