Reservation Request Form:    (if your departure is within 7 days, you may want to call us at 1-800-922-1092 during working hours)
Once we receive your request, we will make a tentative reservation,   and email itinerary to you with  price and taxes. 
  You will have 24-72 hours (depend upon the airlines) to make your decision.
To help us process your request quickly, please provide as much information as you can.
       Please tell us about your plan:

        Choose one only: One Way    Roundtrip

        Choose one only: Economy  Class    Business Class     First Class   Premium Class (Thai)     Deluxe Class (EVA)      

        Please indicate the airlines that you want us to check for availability.
You can indicate the name of the airlines that you want, or do not want to fly. 
        Prefer less stop or do not mind more connecting flights as long as getting the lowest fare. (Airlines with lower airfare may have more connecting flights than the others)
        Please feel free to let us know your travel requirements.

   What airlines do you want? if you want lowest fare, regardless of connections, please say so.

Where are you leaving from and where are you going to?
           City name or airport you want to leave:   

           City name or airport you are going to:

 When do you want to travel?       Remember: weekday (M-Th)  travel has lower airfare.
          When do you want to leave:

          When do you want to come back:

Is your plan flexible? ( in case your desired travel date, or airlines  has no seat availability)
        No             Yes  

          If yes, please indicate range of dates:  

  When you are planning to buy the ticket(our reservation can only be hold for 72 hours)

          Other information that you want us to know:
           If there are more than one passenger, please provide every passenger's first and last name in the box below,
           so that we can make the booking in the same reservation.


Please provide passengers' information as appeared in the passport.
We need to make your tentative reservation, so that we can check for availability and confirm the fare for you.
Correct first and last name are important, because the airlines do not allow any name change once the reservation is made.
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