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Refund Request Form

Passenger's  last name:

Passenger's  first name:

Invoice #:

Ticket number:

Date of Travel:


From:                             To:            

Form of payment: (Ck or C/C#)

Amount paid for the ticket: (a)


Airlines Penalty: (b) (various depend on fare)


Amount to be refunded: =(a-b)


**In addition to above  airlines penalty,  there is an agency administration  fee for issuing the ticket and  to process the refund  of $100.00 and the airlines refund processing fee $100,  for the total of $200.

This fee has to be paid before we process your refund.  Please indicate how you want to pay:

a) Check enclosed

b) C/C#                                                                           EXP

1. Reservation must be cancelled before schedule of  the flights. Please call  the airlines directly or notify us during our business hours. Please take note of date and time of your notification. Also write down the name of the agent.
2.  Partially used ticket has no refund value.
3. We can only refund to the original form of payment.
4. We must have your ticket coupon to process refund. For Electronic ticket, please mail passenger receipt coupon back to us.
5. Please allow between 55-90 days, for the refund credit to appear in your credit card statement.
6. If you paid for the ticket by check, we will send the refund check to you once we receive the refund check from the airlines.
7. If you have bought the non refundable ticket, you can keep the ticket as credit towards your next trip. The remaining value is the
amount paid less the airlines penalty. In general, most airlines allow the exchange transaction for up to one year.
You must keep your ticket transaction until you are ready to book the next trip.

For future reference, please provide following information:





Signed & Dated