January 1985
Active member: ARC, IATAN, ASTA, CLIA
Location: 2
Specialized destinations: Orient, Asia, Southeast Asia, Indochina, India,
Africa, Europe, and Middle East.
Mailing address: 8249 Aster, Tinley Park IL 60487
Walk in office: 4727 N Clark  Chicago IL 60640
Tel: (708) 532-4500, Fax: (708) 532-4040 Toll Free:  1-800-922-1092,  

Our uniqueness:
We are the full service agency that only use internet booking to give you more information about what we have. Each booking will be monitored and made by our agents, one by one. We look at each request and select the best available flight and routing for our passengers.                                                       

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