About Thai Airways Premium class

The flight is very comfortable and save my time. I can come back to New York and go to work. I travel to Thailand 3-4 times a year, I normally fly Northwest and I will fly Thai Airways non stop flight from now on. I really enjoy the flight.

Bob Hersam

By the way, I highly recommend premium economy class on TG.  It was the "best" flight ever to Thailand (LAX - BKK) and I have been many times on many airlines.  I think it is better than United's business class!  I thought the feedback may help for other customers.  And you are right about the luggage, if you go with United to LA, only 50 pounds are given as an allowance per bag. 

Bruce Marx
Thank you for your help with the tickets to Thailand for us last December. It's absolutely wonderful to be on Thai Airways from New York. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it.

Susana Viki

We had a really smooth flight to Thailand on Thai Air. Thanks again for changing the reservations! Even the kids (3 and 8) did really well on the flight.
 This is a great country to travel in!
 Thank you!
 Jim Sturgeon





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