• About our airfare:
    The airfare does not include taxes, fuel and security surcharges. Also airfare may subject to change without notice at the airlines direction and nothing can be guaranteed until ticketed
    The airfare shown on the website is the least expensive airfare we have in the contract. It is based on the availability of the certain booking class that must be available at the time we make your reservation. Some airlines allow us to upsell from their lowest booking class, which means if the lowest booking class is no longer available, we can sell to the next lowest booking class at a higher fare.
  • About the ticket:
    a) Are they refundable?
    -Most of our tickets are refundable with penalty.
    If the fare is non refundable, we will state it clearly on each page.
    b) Will I earn mileage credit?
    -Yes, most of the airfare you will. However there are some airfare that you will not earn 100% of the actual mileage. There are also some airfares that do not allow mileage credit at all.
    c) Can I change the travel date?
    - Most of the airfare will allow you to change the return date, some with penalty. However you cannot change the departure date. If you must change the departure date, most of the time you are required to refund the original ticket (with penalty) and buy the new ticket (at the current fare). This rules also apply even if you are ill and may have the Dr's certificate. This is the reason why you should consider travel insurance protection.
  • About the luggage:
    Piece Method:
    Applies to all travel/connections to/from the US/Canada/Territories and certain countries in South and Central America. (except United Airlines)
    a) Two pieces, neither to exceed 62 in/158 cm in size and 50 lb/22 kg in weight. The total dimension for the two pieces cannot exceed 107 in/273 cm. (length  plus width plus height).
    b) The maximum weight per checked bag is 50 lbs/22 kgs for most international airlines.
    c) The maximum weight per carry-on bag is 14 lbs/7 kgs.  l carry-on pieces, including laptops, must fit either underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin.
    d) When your travel involves the US interior domestic flight, the domestic airlines may charge you the luggage fee.

    Weight Method:
    Applies everywhere except those regions/countries using the piece method.
    a) Two pieces. The total weight of each bag must not over 20 kg/44 lbs.

    Please note: that you will have a combination of the above method when you request a stopover in Asia.

    Note: Luggage limitations are the individual airlines rules and regulation.. While we try to provide the most complete and up to date information, please verify with us or directly from the airlines when you buy the ticket, since the airlines' rule can change without notification.